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Show Your Love login steps Admin Login, Username, Password, and IP – is known as the local, private, or gateway IP address. The user’s router’s IP address gets used by computer devices connected to the Wi-Fi networks, that also have IP addresses, to ensure a data request, such as visiting a website. is not the only IP address the user’s router has, as it also has a public IP address. Admin Login User name Password IP

The user’s ISP and any website that the user visit will use their public IP address to get the requested information the computer device requests to the place it needs to go. The user’s pubic IP address then hands the information over to the private IP address, which then sends it to the user’s computer screen. Login Steps  

Find Router IP Address

Firstly, the user needs to open Command Prompt from the Start menu and enter ipconfig

Next, they need to Look for the section that says Local Area Connection

Next, they will find the router IP labeled as Default Gateway underneath that section

My Router IP Address and Connectivity

The user must ensure that the device connected to the router

Next, the user needs to Open their browser

Next, the user needs to   Enter or  in the address bar

Next, the user needs to Enter the default credentials on the login page to access the setup page

Next, the password the field could be left empty

Next, if none of this work, the user can check the device or its box for login info; otherwise, a quick Google could help the user


Once the user has access to the admin panel:

The user needs to Change DNS, i.e., to another private address to avoid conflicts

They need to Assign or change the username and password of the admin dashboard or Wi-Fi connection

The user can also set parental controls and the user restrictions, etc

How To Change the Name and Password of the Wi-Fi Network?

Once the user has changed the login details of their router’s interface, the next thing that the user might like to do is to set the login details of the router’s Wi-Fi network. To change the Wi-Fi network name, they need to change the SSID.

The user needs to visit the general settings or admin settings menu.

From that menu, the user needs to search for the wireless settings option.

Next, the user needs to select the field and type in their desired Wi-Fi network name.

Next, the user needs to save their changes.

How To Find the IP Address

The chain of number is a common IP address, though it might not be the one set to the user’s router. If is not the IP address that works with the user’s router, then they can search for the model of their router online. Doing so should give you the correct IP address.

Alternatively, the user can check the base of their router, which should have the details listed. There is one more way to check the IP address, though the method differs depending on the operating system that the user is using.

For a computer running on Microsoft Windows:

The user needs to Select the network symbol in the bottom right of their screen.

Once the user opens that menu, they need to select the Wi-Fi network that they are using to access the internet.

After clicking on the Wi-Fi network, they see a list of information related to the network. One of those pieces of information will be the IPv4, which is the user’s IP address and looks similar to

For a computer running on MAC OS X:

The user needs to click on the Apple menu, which they will find in the top left of their screen.

With that menu open, the user needs to select system preferences.

Next, the user will have a selection of Wi-Fi networks, and they should select the one they use to access the internet.

Next, Alongside the word router, the user will find their IP address.

Changing The Name Of The Wi-Fi Network

With the settings of the actual router changed, the user can start to explore further with the name of the router’s Wi-Fi network being an excellent place to start. The SSID or Service Set Identifier is the name that distinguishes the user’s router’s Wi-Fi network from others nearby. By default, the name can be somewhat generic so to help differentiate the user’s network that they should:

The user should visit the setup menu or similarly-named option

Next, the user needs to click on the wireless settings option.

Next, the user needs to type in their desired network name into the SSID field

Ext, the user needs to save the changes.

Changing The Local IP Address

Another setting that the user may wish to change is the local IP address of their router, with more on the differences between the local and the public IP address detailed below.

If the user changes the user’s router’s local IP address, they will not be able to access the router with, so they should ensure to remember their new address. To change the address:

The user needs ton to the setup menu or similarly-named option

Ext, the user needs to Click on the network settings option.

Under the router settings, the user needs to type in their desired IP address

Next, the user needs to save the changes.


So, here are steps listed for login steps, How to Change The Name And Password of the Wi-Fi network, how to find the IP address, changing the local IP address, and as well as change the name of the WIFI network. So, the user can get help from these simple and easy steps and work accordingly.

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