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Show Your Love – The is known as the default gateway that some of the routers and modems use as his default login IP address for logging into the admin web interface. Once the user is logged in, the user can configure the settings as well. For example, the user can change the login credentials of his router after accessing the admin panel. Further, the user can also change the network name and adjust any other settings as per his wish.

Steps to Change the Wi-Fi Password Of the Router. 

The password to access the user’s router’s admin page is not the only password that is associated with the router. The Wi-Fi network provided by the user’s router also has a password, and if it doesn’t, it should. The Wi-Fi network password ensures that no one accesses his Wi-Fi without his permission. Here are the steps listed to change his Wi-Fi password:

By using the steps above, his user can access his router’s admin page.

Once the user has connected to his router, they need to go through the menus until they find the wireless security setting menu, or similarly named.

Next, In the wireless security settings, they will need to find the Wi-Fi password field. It is here where the user will type in his desired password.

Next, As stressed above, the user should always set a new Wi-Fi password. However, there is no case to get stressed if do forget his Wi-Fi password. The WPS button on the back of his router is there for that reason. The user needs to press the Wi-Fi protected setup button will give them 30-seconds to connect to the network without a password.

What Is the Name (SSID) Of the Wi-Fi Network?

The process is similar to how the user changes his Wi-Fi network password, though it will differ from router to router.

The user needs to Use and the login details to access his router’s admin page once again.

Next, the user needs to Scroll through his router’s admin page until they find the SSID or Wi-Fi network name.

Next, the user needs to select that option, and they will be prompted to enter a new Wi-Fi name. next, the user needs to Save the changes that the user has made, and his network name change will take effect.

Next, the user can check the available networks once more to double-check his change has been listed.

What Is the IP Address Of the Router?

The user can also check the IP address of his router yourself through the steps that differ from one computer operating system to the other.

For a computer running on Microsoft Windows:

The user needs to Select the network symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of his screen.

Next, with that menu open, the user needs to select the “connection properties” menu.

Next, the user will be presented with information about his network. The user needs to Scroll through the menu until they find IPv4. The numbers next to this are the user’s IP address.

For a computer running on Mac OS X:

Firstly, the user needs to Open up the Apple menu and go to system preferences.

With that menu open, the user needs to select the network preferences menu.

Next, the user will then have two options, Wi-Fi or LAN. They need to select the one that they use to connect to your network. The user will find his IP address next to the word router.

 Unable to Access the Router Admin Page?

 There might be various reasons why the user is having trouble accessing the router admin web page. But the user can fix it quite easily and hassle-free without any difficulties.

One, the user needs to check if they are using the correct IP address. Mistyping the address will bring an error while trying to connect. Two, they need to try to use another browser and reconnect. Alternatively, they can also try to restart the router and try to connect again. The user can also check whether the router cable is properly connected, or that the wireless signal is strong enough to ensure a reliable connection.

How to Change Default Router IP Address?

For security reasons, the user may want to change his router IP into a customized one. Below is a guide on how to change the IP address of various routers;

Net Gear: the user needs to Log into his Net Gear Genie and then click “Advanced” then “Setup”, then select “LAN Setup”, then select “LAN TCP/IP Setup”, then they need to choose “IP Address”, then apply the necessary changes if needed.

D-Link- the user needs to get Access to his D-Link admin panel and click on select the “Setup” tab. Next, choose the “Network Settings”, then select “Router Settings”, then select “Router IP Address”, and finally the user needs to choose “Save Settings.”

TP-Link- For the TP-Link router, the user needs to log into the admin web interface and then select “Advanced”, then choose “Network”, then select “LAN”, then the user needs to click “Change the IP address in the IP Address field”, next, they need to click on “Save Changes.” After the Default Gateway IP address is changed, the user’s router will immediately restart and then the user needs to apply the changes to proceed further.


The IP address can be of use if the user is configuring a Net gear router. But if the user wants to make changes, then they can choose to do it from Advanced Users. Additionally, there also be various other settings that are useful and the user can make changes accordingly.  But the most helpful setting among those is Security settings for the user. The user would be saving themselves from losing their personal information as there are too many hackers at this point on the internet. So, the user must make sure to protect his information.

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