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Show Your Love Admin Login IP | Username and Password: The IP address is commonly known to the user as the local, private, and gateway IP address. is the user’s router’s address that their computing devices are connected to the network will use to send data requests over the internet.

The user’s router also has a public IP address. The public IP address gets used by the ISP and any website that the user visit, to get the information of the website that the user is visiting, to their router, with their router the sending that data, back to their computer screen, through the private IP address.

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How to log in?

The user must have an internet-able PC device, although it is presumably the situation if you have a router. Then the user must connect the PC device to the router. The user may do this through Wi-Fi or with an online Ethernet connection.

With the PC device linked to the router, the user needs to open the web browser of selection. Next, With the open browser, the user needs to write the IP address, in the search box.

Looking for will proceed the user to the login segment of their admin router page. The user has to write the username & password joined with their router. The accurate details will proceed the user to the router admin page menu.

How To Configure the Router With

Using the steps above, the user needs to access the router admin page. On the main page, the user needs to scroll through the list of options until they find the general settings menu.

Next, the user needs to Select the router password or similarly named menu.

Next, Enter their desired password. It should be something they can remember though still be secure.

No matter what changes the user makes, always save the details.

While in the general settings menu, they can also change the username for the router.

How To Change the Local IP Address?

Another popular setting people change on their router is the actual local IP address of the router. The user’s router has two IP addresses, with more on that below. If the user is opting to change their IP address away from, they should take note of their new address as they will need it to access their router admin page.

Once more, access the router admin page of their router. On the main page, the user needs to look for the general settings menu, or similarly named.

Next, the user should then select “network settings.”

Next, scroll through this menu until they are able to find “router settings.” It is here that the user will type in their IP address.

Next, the user needs to save their changes.

How to Change the Name and Password of the user’s Wi-Fi Network

There are more settings related to the router that the user can play with, though they may also wish to modify their Wi-Fi network details. The SSID or the Service Set Identifier is the name of their Wi-Fi network. To change this:

The user needs to Go to the general settings menu.

Next, the user needs to select the wireless settings option.

In the SSID field, the user needs to type in their desired Wi-Fi network name.

Next, the user needs to save their changes.

If they wish to change their Wi-Fi network password, the option will be in the same menu as the SSID.  They just need to select the Wi-Fi network password field and type in their desired password.

Finding Your IP Address is a common private IP address to their users, though it might not be the user. If is not the user’s IP address that they are using, they can search for their router model online, which will reveal the default IP address of their particular router.

The IP address may also be listed in the manual of their router. If those methods don’t work, they can use their computer to find their IP address.

If the Computer Is Running Microsoft Windows:

  • The user needs to click on the network icon at the bottom right of their screen.
  • With the menu open, the user needs to select the Wi-Fi network that they use for the internet.
  • Next, the user needs to select the Wi-Fi network and that will present the user with a variety of information. Among them, there will be IPv4, which will have a chain of numbers next to it that looks similar to These numbers are the user’s IP address. 
  • If the user‘s Computer Is Running on Mac OS, The user needs to Open up the Apple menu
  • Next, the user needs to click on the option titled system preferences
  • Next, the user needs to click on the network that they use for internet access
  • Next to the word router, the user will find their IP address listed

Conclusion is a commonly known IP address that is used by default by modems or WIFI routers. If the user is entering in the address bar of their Internet browser, they will be able to see the admin area of their router (but only if is the IP address of their router). The best-known router companies that are recommended to the user and that use this IP address by default are TREND net.

However, is coming under one of many standard IP addresses for routers/modems. The following IPs are also very commonly used:,,, or Such standard IPs are known as Default Gateway IP.

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