– Admin Login, Username, Password, and IP Admin Login, Username, Password, and IP: used default LAN IP address in Linksys some router models. Default login IP address needs a login username and password for the first time that is usually printed to the router sticker that is provided to the user.

Here are the details listed through which the user can explore the setting and make changes to the setting of his router. ip address definition

Configuring the Router by

 Firstly, the user after accessing the admin page of the router. On the foremost page, they need to scroll through the options list until they find the overall settings menu.

  •  Next, the user needs to Choose the router password
  •  Next, the user needs to Write his preferred password
  •  No matter whatever amendments the user does, they must keep saving the info.
  •  Although inside the common settings menu, they may even alter the username of the router.

Steps to connect and Login Router from Browser

The user needs to Connect the router/modem or any network device using a DC adapter or power supported by the unit.

  • The user needs to Use SSID or a WIFI password.
  • Next, they Use LAN cable from Router Ethernet to PC/Laptop Ethernet Port for LAN cable connections.
  • Next, they need to Go to computer LAN settings and make it in DHCP option or use Static IP
  • Next, they need to open the web browser and access   and then wait for a few moments to load the router login page the first time.
  • Next, the user will get a router page asking for a username or password or only for the password, depending on the router brands and model number login page type.
  • Next, the user must provide a username and password as default login settings printed to his device to authenticate the first time or if the user already updates the default login password use the same.

Changing the Local IP Address

One more common setting, that the individuals alter on his router is the real local IP address of the router. The router has 2 IP addresses, If the user chooses to alter the IP address further than, they must take note of the latest address as they will require it for accessing the router admin page.

  • Again, after accessing the router admin page of the router.  On the foremost page, the user must search for the general settings menu or likewise named.
  • Next, the user must layer choose “network settings.”
  • Next, scroll through the menu until the user sees “router settings.” Now write in in his IP address.
  • Next, the user must Save his alterations

Steps to alter The Name & password of the Wi-Fi Network

There are additional settings linked to the router which the user can explore with, although they can even wish to change the Wi-Fi network info. The Service Set Identifier or SSID is his Wi-Fi network name. To modify this:

  • Firstly, the user needs to Visit the general setting menu.
  • Next, the user needs to Choose the wireless settings preference.
  • Next, In the SSID box, the user needs to write in the preferred name of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, the user needs to save the modifications.
  • If the user wants to alter the Wi-Fi network password, then, in that case, the choice will be in a similar menu as the SSID. Select the Wi-Fi network password box and write in the preferred password.
  • Now the Users have to set the login info for the router & the Wi-Fi network. With the secured internet, they must further explore. The user may improve the network or set parental controls, just as certain examples.

How To Troubleshoot Router Errors?

Router errors can be easy to fix once pinpointed. The following are the most frequent router errors, alongside how you can fix them.

If the user’s wi-fi connection has stopped working abruptly or slowed down, they need to simply unplug his router and then plug it back in again after a couple of minutes. It is proved that 90%+ Wi-Fi-related issues are solved by performing this simple task.

If the user’s wi-fi won’t connect to his device, remove the network from his device by clicking on ‘forget this network.’ The user will locate this in his settings under ‘Network & Internet settings.’ Next, they need to Reconnect again, and this will most likely fix the issue.

If the user has forgotten his Router’s credentials, the user needs to check the device’s back to find a sticker with those details. However, if they had previously changed them, then the user needs to perform a factory reset with the instructions mentioned above.

If the user gets no connection at all, then try using an ethernet cable to connect his Router to his device. If the user still has no internet connection, reaching out to his ISP provider is his best option. However, the user is advised to always check first if the problem is associated with the device that the user is attempting to connect to his Router.

Wi-fi connections that break from time to time could be an issue caused due to the overheating of the device. Ensure that the user’s Router is getting ample ventilation to rectify this problem.

 Lastly, if the user feels his Router has a hardware problem, it is better to have a technician deal with the issue or, better yet, have it exchanged by the manufacturer.

Conclusion is a common private IP address which the router uses to classify itself over the network, & a delivery point for info requests from PC devices with Wi-Fi networks. It is not unique as the maximum router manufacturers use a range of personal IP addresses across their varieties of routers.

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