– Admin Login, Username, Password, and IP LOGIN STEPS: It’s the default login IP that has been reserved for modems or wireless routers. The user, typing in the address bar of their browser they will get access to the admin interface of their router. is mostly used by brands like Siemens, Sagemcom, or Actiontec. It’s not the only standard IP for routers.

ip address definition

There are other kinds of different IPs like,, or that were used to access your DSL Router, DSL Wireless Router, or wireless router, DSL modem control panel. A router straight out of the box might give the user a basic Wi-Fi network to use, though to get the best experience out of their router, they need to access the router’s interface.

To make changes to their router, their need to use the address to access the interface. Login Steps

Here’s a quick guide to finding the IP address, confirming it, and troubleshooting for any technical issues:

Find The Router IP Address

The user will find the IP address for their device on a sticker on the bottom or side of the router, or it may be printed on its box written clearly as if not, they can follow these steps.

The user needs to Open Command Prompt from the Start Menu and enter ipconfig

Next, in the results, look for Local Area Connection

Next, in this section, the IP can be seen as Default Gateway

Confirming My Router IP Address and Connectivity

Here is how the user can reach and access the admin panel:

Firstly, the user needs to ensure the operating system is on the same network as the router

Next, the user needs to Open their go-to browser

Next, A login page will appear

Next, the user needs to Enter the username and password — in most cases, it’s admin. If that does not work, the user needs to do a quick Google search for the default credentials by entering the routers’ make and model


Once the setting page is open, the user can:

The user needs to change the SSID and password of the router

Next, the user needs to change the username and password of the admin login page

Next, the user needs to Change DNS — to some other Private IP

Next, the user needs to Ease or tighten security

The user can also Set parental restrictions, etc.

How To Change the Name of the Wi-Fi Network?

Once the user has changed the login details of your router’s interface, the next thing they might like to do is to set the login details of the router’s Wi-Fi network. To change the Wi-Fi network name, they need to change the SSID.

Firstly, the user needs to go to the general settings or admin settings menu.

Next, from that menu, the user needs to search for the wireless settings option.

Next, it is here that the user will find the SSID field. Select the field and type in their desired Wi-Fi network name.

Next, the user needs to save their changes.

How To Find the IP Address

There is a way for the user to check the user’s   IP address, though the method differs depending on the operating system they use.

For a computer running on Microsoft Windows:

The user needs to Select the network symbol in the bottom right of their screen.

Next, Once the user to go the menu, select the Wi-Fi network that they are using to access the internet.

Next, after clicking on the Wi-Fi network, they see a list of information related to the network. One of those pieces of information will be the IPv4, which is their IP address and looks similar to

For a computer running on MAC OS X:

Firstly, the user needs to click on the Apple menu, which the user will find in the top left of your screen.

Next, with that menu open, the user needs to select system preferences.

Next, the user will have a selection of Wi-Fi networks, and then they should select the one that use to access the internet.

Next, Alongside the word router, the user will find their IP address.

Change the default username and password

the router may have a private IP address but the user needs to always ensure that they make their connection secure by changing the default credentials. Follow the below tips while changing the details.

Follow the below steps to find the IP of the Router

Windows users:

 Firstly, the user needs to Open Apple Menu in the top left

Next, Open Command Prompt click on system preferences

Next, the user needs to Type ipconfig and hit enter

Next, the user will see your default IP address

 macOS users:

Firstly, the user needs to click on the Network tab and choose the network connection

Next, the user needs to Click on Advance and click on TCP/IP

Next, the user will see their IP on the right side

 Conclusion is known as the private IP address that is been differently used by the router manufacturers as the default gateway address to the router management interface. is widely used in the Philippines by brands such as Globe at Home, PLDT, and Sky, etc. The router management interface of any router holds all the simple and advanced settings of both the router and Wi-Fi Network, for their user.

If the user owns a Wireless Network that has the default gateway address then they can access the router management interface of their router through this web address.

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