I am the 7th generation of a High Romanyi Gypsy priestess and I have been helping people discover their path since the age of 11. As a young girl I realized that I had inherited my mother’s power when I kept having, for a month straight, a dream of St. Anne. This led me to believe that I was fortunate enough to be on a spiritual journey. This makes perfect sense as every 7 years we go through a spiritual rebirth. The first 3 phases of this life cycle are the most important. The 7 total phases that we go through generally occur at ages 7, 14, and 21. I am a representation of the Holy Trinity. My beliefs are strong and unfailing, but only the Lord can decide and judge what our spiritual quests will be.

By the age of 11, my mother and grandmother had owned the longest running psychic business in the history of Canada (37 years!) located at College and Bathurst Streets in Toronto. They let me know that it was time to go for training, and what intrigued me the most was the art of Tarot cards. That’s when it began for me. I could not put these cards down. I started out reading for family and friends by the age of 14 years old and I developed a clientele.

During this same time frame, a publisher and journalist by the name of Christine Campbell from Toronto Life magazine was so intrigued by all this that she decided to make a documentary on my grandparents. Oddly enough, though, she decided to choose me for a Tarot Card Reading. After the reading she told my mom and dad I was a future icon. From that time I was the youngest psychic to make local headlines on Global TV news. During the Toronto Psychic EXPO, as followed by a City Pulse News report, I predicted with 100% accuracy that the Olympics top medalists currently running in Salt Lake City in 2003 would be Team Canada and the USA. At the same time CTV National News contacted me to do an interview, which was followed by Star Magazine, Space Channel, Toronto Life Network etc. I had decided that I needed to keep on my spiritual journey and maintain a highly demanding clientele. 

By the age of 21 I had entered my 3rd and final 7 year cycle and had by this time given birth to a baby girl. I felt a sense of spiritual completion when she was born. I saw something really special in my daughter and I now see that she was also born with some very special gifts. I decided to return to my roots and open up a Psychic Shop. I have had nothing but 5 years of steady success since I opened my shop at Dufferin & Rogers Road in Toronto. Now at the age of 34 I can say that I have seen the good and beauty in the spiritual world and have personally battled the dark, ugly and evil. Please, always remember that there is LIGHT AND DARKNESS, JOY AND PAIN when you’re on a spiritual journey. When you keep following you will be provided an extra piece of spiritual armour. I want to give a great thanks to all of my customers. You have been my strength to continue on as a spiritualist and adviser. There have been many that have touched my heart and their memories will live in my soul forever.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!