– Admin Login, Username, Password & IP Address – is known as the private IP address. This IP address is a part of the range to  this kind of address is mostly used for a small internal network like an office network or home network. is used inside the private network. Famous known brands like Luxel, and Linksys use IP addresses as a default IP address for their particular routers. This IP address belongs to the 24 block IP addresses. This IP address is part of a private class “C.” If the user wants to connect the private network to the internet, then they will have to use a proxy server or gateway. This IP address belongs to the private non-routable range. IP used as a private intranet. This IP has a 32-bit address code.

How to login into the IP

To login into the IP, the user can follow the steps below

Firstly, the user needs to Open up the latest version of the web browser on his computer system.

Next, the user needs to type the IP address in the address bar.

After the user authentication page has popped up, indicating a successfully established connection, they need to type their username and password in the allocated space. Next, the user needs to Press Enter Key after entering all the essential details.

Next, the Administrator dashboard of IP is visible at this moment, the user can configure all his devices.

Next, Certain devices should not be accessing the router or the internet connection. One can change the type from static to dynamic and vice versa, in this dashboard.

Next, Network name or bandwidth, etc. the user can simply change from the admin dashboard, according to the necessity.

There are different nodes on the internal network, one can supervise them and block the IP addresses.

 Resetting the Router to Default Configuration

Just in case the user is unable to recollect the default username and password of his router, then this is the primary technique to access the admin dashboard of the IP address. Nevertheless, this method will require the user to rearrange his router and all its devices.

2 Ways to Factory Reset the Router

Firstly, One easy and approachable method is to refer to the user manual of the router, which comprises a fixed mechanism to execute the reset process.

Next, Another substitute method is to utilize the pinhole button set at the back of the router. The user only needs to thrust and hold down the button for a while to adjust the router, after which the default username and password shall be accepted again.

 Fixing Issues Regarding IP Address

Getting into the user router hardware portal using can be tough. Especially when the user is following the guide and everything’s going according to plan, and an error pops up

Well, to start with, the user can encounter problems with the connection while establishing one using So, the user must remember to check the cables if they use Ethernet. Tighten them beforehand, and check everything is plugged and secured where it should be.

Next, the user needs to Turn his WIFI off and reconnect, for those who run a wireless connection.

Next, the user must Make sure that his router is switched on and working correctly. The sign of that is the flickering of green lights on it.

Lastly, it could give the user an error regarding That means either that the user is trying to use the wrong IP, the whole time.  

How to recover the username and password for the IP address

Forgetting credentials for login can be quite frustrating as well as time-consuming for the user. But there are only some ways for the user to reset the username and passwords without ruining the device in any way. If the username and password haven’t been changed already, recovering control of the router is very easy.

For this, the user needs to Simply search the internet for the default credentials according to the model of the router.

Next, if there was a user manual provided to the user with the set-up kit, one could look up the default credentials there too.

Next, the user needs to Look underneath the router/modem for a sticker that contains the default username and password details.

Next, in case of failure in all the methods, the user needs to reset the router to the default setting by pressing down the reset/power button for 15 seconds using a sharp-pointed object (needle, clip, etc.).


This IP address is commonly known as the private address among the other IP address, so it is more secure. To access the internet on a private network, the user needs to have to use proxy servers. This IP address is reserved for private intranets. This IP is used for long-range connections. belongs to the IPv4 type of protocol version. Most of the brands like Luxel, and Linksys routers use this IP address as a default IP.

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