– Admin Login, Username, Password, and IP Admin Login, Username, Password, and IP- is a commonly known local, private, or gateway IP address. The user’s router’s IP address gets used by computer devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, that also have IP addresses, to ensure a data request, such as visiting a website, gets to where it needs to go. is not the only IP address the user router has, as it also has a public IP address. Admin Login User name Password IP – Admin Login, Username, Password, and IP

How To Configure the Router With

The steps above will allow the user to access his router’s interface. There is a lot you can do on this menu, though for someone accessing the router interface for the first time, it’s a good idea to stick to the basics. One great place to start is to change those login details mentioned above.

Firstly, the user will have access to his router’s interface. Once that they are on the main menu, they need to search for the general settings or admin settings menu.

Next, the user needs to Scroll through that menu until they find the router password field. The username field will also be on this particular menu.

Next, once they have found the correct field, they need to enter their desired password or username, depending on which one they want to change. If they are changing their password, make sure that the new password is secure.

As with any changes the user makes to his router, always save once they have finished.

How To Change the Name and Password of Your Wi-Fi Network?

Once the user has changed the login details of the user router’s interface, the next thing they might like to do is to set the login details of the router’s Wi-Fi network. To change the Wi-Fi network name, they need to change the SSID.

The user needs to visit the general settings or admin settings menu.

From that menu, the user needs to search for the wireless settings option.

It is here that the user will find the SSID field.  They need to select the field and type in their desired Wi-Fi network name.

Finally, they need to save his changes.

Changing the Wi-Fi password follows similar steps. Instead of selecting the SSID field, the user needs to select the Wi-Fi password field. Next, the user needs to Enter his desired password and save his changes.

How To Find the IP Address

The chain of number is a common IP address, though it might not be the one set to the user’s router. If is not the IP address that works with his router, the user can search for the model of his router online. Doing so should give the user the correct IP address.

Alternatively, they can check the base of his router, which should have the details listed. There is one more way to check the IP address, though the method differs depending on the operating system the user uses.

For a computer running on Microsoft Windows:

Firstly, the user needs to Select the network symbol in the bottom right of his screen.

Next, Once the user opens that menu, they need to select the Wi-Fi network that they are using to access the internet.

After clicking on the Wi-Fi network, they see a list of information related to the network. One of those lists of information will be the IPv4, which is his IP address and looks similar to

For a computer running on MAC OS X:

Firstly, the user needs to click on the Apple menu, which they will find in the top left of his screen.

Next, with that menu open, the user needs to select system preferences.

Next, the user will have a selection of Wi-Fi networks, and they should select the one that they use to access the internet.

Alongside the word router, the user will find his IP address.

 Changing The Local IP Address

Another setting that the user may wish to change is the local IP address of his router, with more on the differences between the local and the public IP address detailed below. If the user does change his router’s local IP address, they will not be able to access the router with, so they should ensure to remember his new address. To change the address:

The user needs to Go to the setup menu or similarly-named option

Next, the user needs to Click on the network settings option.

Next, Under the router settings, the user needs to type in his desired IP address

Next, the user needs to save the changes.

Forgot Login Password?

If the user is trying to reset his router login. For doing this, they need to press & press the small black key found at the rear of the router for about ten seconds. This will reset the router into factory settings.

If the login page doesn’t load, the user must ensure the device that they use is linked to the wi-fi. Also, the user will have to verify if the incorrect router IP address is set as the default one.

Occasionally pages might have loading issues or issues with speed. In such a case, probably the user’s network is using another IP address. If this happens, the user needs to consult the list of IP address routers and find the correct address.


What the user must bear in mind is that while resetting the modem, they will lose their online connection. Therefore, the user should take a professional’s help in this regard.

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