– Admin Login, Username, Password & IP Address – Admin Login, Username, Password & IP Address – is known as the local, private, gateway IP address. The user router’s IP address gets used by computer devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, that also have IP addresses, to ensure a data request. is not the only IP address that the user’s router has, as it also has a public IP address.

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The user’s ISP and any website that the user visit will use his particular public IP address to get the requested information the computer device requests to the place it needs to go.

The user’s pubic IP address then hands the information over to the private IP address, which then sends it to his computer screen.

How to login to

  • Firstly, the user needs to Connect the router cable to his They need to Double-check the device that they wish to work on is connected to the wi-fi.
  • Next, the user needs to open chosen web browser and type the router’s IP address in the address bar. The user can find it on the back of his router packaging. If the address fails, the user will need the help of his router manual. The IP listed as Default Gateway is the correct one.
  • Next, it’s time to enter the default username and password of his router by accessing the admin panel.

How To Configure the Router With

The steps above will allow the user to access his router’s interface.

  • The user will have access to his router’s interface. Once they are on the main menu, they need to search for the general settings or admin settings menu.
  • Next, the user needs to Scroll through that menu until they find the router password field. The username field will also be on this menu as well.
  • Next, Once the user has found the correct field, enter his desired password or username, depending on which one they want to change. If they are changing his password, make sure his new password is secure.
  • As with any changes that the user makes to his router, always save once they have finished.

The Steps To Change the Name and Password of the Wi-Fi Network.

Once the user has changed the login details of his router’s interface, the next thing that the user might like to do is to set the login details of the router’s Wi-Fi network. To change the Wi-Fi network name, they need to change the SSID.

  • Once more, the user needs to go to the general settings or admin settings menu.
  • From that menu, they need to search for the wireless settings option.
  • It is here that the user will find the SSID field. They need to select the field and type in their desired Wi-Fi network name.
  • As before, the user needs to save his
  • Changing the user’s Wi-Fi password follows similar steps. Instead of selecting the SSID field, they need to select the Wi-Fi password field. They need to Enter his desired password and save his

How To Find the IP Address?

For the user’s computer running on Microsoft Windows:

  • The user needs to Select the network symbol at the bottom right of his
  • Once you open that menu, the user needs to select the Wi-Fi network that they are using to access the internet.
  • Next, After clicking on the Wi-Fi network, the user sees a list of information related to the network. One of those pieces of information will be the IPv4, which is the user’s IP address and looks similar to

For a computer running on MAC OS X:

  • The user needs to click on the Apple menu, which the user will find in the top left of his
  • With that menu open, the user needs to select system preferences.
  • Next, the user will have a selection of Wi-Fi networks, and they should select the one that they use to access the internet.
  • Alongside the word router, the user will find his IP address.

Troubleshooting connecting to

  • If the user faces troubles connecting to his router/modem at then they may try the following
  • The user needs to Validate that they are joined to the network
  • Next, the user needs to Confirm his tool is attached to the router, whichever by Ethernet cable or with Wi-Fi.
  • Next, the user must Make sure that the router is working.
  • Next, the user must Make sure that the router is plugin & turn on, lights must be blinking or lit depends on the make & brand.
  • Next, the user needs to check the router’s IP address is essentially
  • Next, the user needs to Take care that they have inserted the IP exactly.


As listed above, is the private IP address associated with the user’s router. only people who have access to the network can see this IP address. This address is not unique to the user’s router, with most brands opting to use a selection of private IP addresses across their range of routers.

The user’s router is not the only device in his home or office that has a private IP address. Any computer device that connects to the internet will receive an address, which often relates to the IP address of the user’s router. However, it is not just internet-connected devices that use a private IP address.

Other devices which are connected to the network, such known as the printers or servers used for storage, also have a private IP address, which allows the other devices on the network to make use of their functions.

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