Mark and Tania, Timmins:  I was a lost single mom and I met a man who was interested in me, but he was dealing with addictions., and it was difficult for us to maintain a stable relationship  I met Nina , and she suggested bringing Mark in for spiritual work to remove the darkness within him. At this time, I fell ill, and before seeing my doctor, Lady Nina diagnosed my illness correctly. Lady Nina then went on to treat us both for fertility and I was pregnant within 6 weeks.  We now have a baby girl,and Mark has been clean and sober.  Thanks Lady Nina!


Randy: Toronto:  Lady Nina is a godsend to me .  There was a time when I felt very lost and stuck, and had given up all hope.  Lady Nina explained to me that my ex-girlfriend was actually my "twin flame" and this was the reason for the stormy relationship we had.  Lady Nina helped me to undergo deep meditation and started working with both of us on our problems.  Lady Nina removed our blockages and cleansed us. We have now moved back in together and are happy, free, and clear of all storms. I truly recommend Lady Nina to anyone experiencing challenges in their life.


Sara, Toronto:  I met with Lady Nina a few years ago, and during our reading, she mentioned for me to be prepared for the death of my mother, which would be unexpected.  My mother did in fact pass away a few months later, so I returned to Lady Nina's studio for another reading.  On my 2nd visit, Nina mentioned an upcoming house in my future, and a man named Richard.  One month later, I moved into a new house, and the man who showed the house to me was named, Richard!  We have been together since then, and today I am in a home of my own with the love of my life.


Anna, Timmins:  I had come in to see Lady Nina for a Tarot Card Reading, which revealed that a woman by the name of 'Tracy' was currently giving me problems.  Lady Nina told me to beware of her as she was casting negative energy over anything in my life.  Lady Nina went on to treat me for this situation and now I am free - all the negative chains were broken and I resumed my 'normal' life. I was able to sell my home and received a promotion at work soon after.  I owe it all to you, Lady Nina!


Cassy, Timmins:  I consider myself to be a generally happy person, but I was struggling with some debt and did not know where to turn.  Lady Nina let me know that I would be coming into a full-time job soon, but that my home would be too far away and to be prepared to make a sacrifice in order to gain this job.  I went home and received a phone call the same day - I was offered a job in another town!  I took a chance, sold my home, and moved to my new job.  I am now very stable, have paid up my debts, and am successful. 


Kevin, Timmins:  I travelled to Egypt for a year, then returned to Timmins.  I started having bad dreams and terrible luck in anything I touched.  During a reading with Lady Nina, she sensed a bad spirit around me, and said that it had followed me home from my travels.  She started working on my solar plexus and heartline, and my hands and arms began to bleed.  Nina was very concerned and banished the evil spirit from my life.  I felt like a whole new person!  I have a new house and car, now, and feel energized and successful.